GDPR Overview

General Data Protection Regulations

GDPR involves major changes to your responsibilities, with potential fines of up to £18+ million (€20 million)

The General Data Protection Regulations are a Europe-wide replacement of the Data Protection Act. You have to be clear about:

You must be compliant by 25 May 2018

You have to be SURE


On what basis you obtained the data for processing

Some examples of legal basis are:

  • Were you given explicit consent
  • Do you need the data in order to fulfill a contractual obligation
  • Do you have the data in order to ensure your legal compliance


Precisely what you will use it for

If an individual provides rights to process their data for a specific purpose.  That's what it should be used for.  If you are using some other legal basis for processing their data, ensure that if it is used for any other purpose, it too has a legal basis for doing so.


Who will have access to it

An individual has a right to privacy, and as such, only inidividuals who need access to the data for the purpose of processing it should do so.  Allowing others access to the data who have no legititmate need could lead to data breaches and non-compliance.


How you will secure it

Without adequate controls and protection mechanisms, the data you hold may be breached.  You will have to notify the supervisory authority within 72 hours, and the data subject should be notified without undue delay.  Any breach could result in claims for damages, as well as any penalty imposed by the supervisory authority.


How long you will retain it for

Data should only be kept as long as you need it in, based on your legal basis for processing it.

GDPR Compliance Countdown

How can IT aide your GDPR Compliance

IT Solutions that you should have in place, or should be considering include


  • Control data access
  • Prevent data loss


  • Document who has access to what
  • Confirm what has been shared
  • Verify how old data is

Buisness IT Solutions


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