Phone Systems

We provide a range of phone systems, as well as IP connectivity and telephony, and integration services. Ensuring you not only save money, but realise the benefits of today's telephony.

Panasonic phone systems

Onsite Systems

Traditional onsite phone systems, but with today's functionality

We sell phone systems by Panasonic and Samsung that provide functionality, flexibility and growth, without breaking the bank.

Hosted Systems

A phone system in the cloud, that adapts with your business

A fully functional phone system, that adapts as your requirements change. The only hardware you have onsite is the phone.

Drastically reduce your upfront costs, without compromising on your system

Hybrid Systems

We can implement telephone systems that merge existing legacy phone systems with a new digital system. We can transform you phone system in stages, to minimise disruption and reduce initial costs. On some systems we can also keep your legacy phone system, but enable it to support IP telephony

If you want to keep costs down, you can utilise older handsets on many new telephone systems


Do you want to minimise impact and introduce a new telephone system in stages? We can help

Stepped implementation

Saving costs by utilising Internet telephone calls, doesn't mean you need to replace you old system

IP Connectivity

Multi-site Systems


Multiple sites acting as one

Call extensions on any of your sites as though they're all on the same site.


Manage all sites as one

No need to manage each site independently.  Simplified management reduces costs.


System redundancy 

Fault tolerant connections, allowing your site to operate if one site has a partial failure

Multi site systems

SIP Trunks 
and connectivity

We can provide a full connectivity package for your phone system - a true end-to-end solution.  Even integrating with your back-end systems

SIP Trunks

SIP trunks allow you to send a receive phone calls over the Internet using your phone system, and standard phone numbers

We'd recommend a separate Internet connection, or bandwidth management

Analogue (POTS)

Traditional phone systems utilise analogue lines (POTS), ISDN2 lines, or for greater capacity ISDN30.  These can still be used, but may not be as cost effective

ADSL, Fibre, EFM

There are a variety of Internet connectivity solutions, depending on your requirements

  • ADSL0.5-24 Mbps
  • Fibreupto 80 Mbps
  • EFMup to 100 Mbps