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Making sure the Cloud works for you
Backups, e-mail, desktops, Office, phones 
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Cloud Solutions that don't make your business an area of high pressure


Office 365 is more than Word, Excel and Outlook. It's Microsoft's suite of Cloud Solutions - delivering desktop applications, Exchange email, calendaring and contact solutions, file collaboration using OneDrive and SharePoint, video-conferencing, and so much more.

We can deliver Office365 solutions at the best prices, whilst adding value with our expertise.

Hosted Desktop

Instead of upgrading your hardware, why not have hosted desktops.  Your Windows desktop in the Cloud.  Choose a basic desktop, add Office, and even 3rd party applications.  Access it from anywhere

Hosted Desktop

Cloud Backups

Server, Desktop or Laptop

Full image-based or file based backups.  File backups of the most critical information, or everything.  Megabytes or terabytes.
We have the slution for your business

Cloud Backup

Cloud Anti-spam

Anyone who has a good anti-spam system will tell you how indispensable it is. Saving all the time downloading and sifting through junk everyday can be a nightmare, and a massive unnecessary load on your network.  

With a good Cloud Anti-Spam solution you not only manage your spam, but also prevent clogging your Internet connection downloading what you know is junk.

Control Panel

A cloud-based control panel allows central management, and individual choices. In addition, regular reports allow you to release items that have been blocked if required.

Cloud Filtering

Spam is filtered out in the Cloud, before it reaches your network. This means your bandwidth is not wasted downloading what you don't want.

User access

Users can log into the Cloud Control Panel using their network credentials if required.  No additional passwords to remember.

File Sharing and Collaboration

File Collaboration & Sharing

We have solutions that allow organisations to collaborate and share files, and systems suitable for small teams

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Office365 isn't the only Cloud Exchange solution available.  We can offer UK-based datacentre solutions if you'd prefer

Cloud Anti-virus

Cloud Anti-virus

Do you want central management of your anti-virus, but don't want to have the hassle of installing and configuring management tools