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Support Services

On site support

On-site Support

Support for your systems on your site.  We arrange a time to suit, where it can be scheduled, or will make ad-hoc visits when the need arises.

Remote Support

Remote Support

Support for your systems from our offices. This allows us to respond very quickly to problems.  Remote support can be on-demand, or for pre-configured if you're a contract customer.

Telephone Support

Telephone Support

Support for your systems over the phone.  Call us, or we'll call you.  We're happy to resolve issues over the phone, where it's appropriate.  For contract customers this is usually free.

Supply & Installation

Infrastructure is core to any solution.  As such we ensure your equipment is installed and configured to it's optimum, not just "how it comes out the box".  That's the same, whether we install equipment we supply, or equipment you've sourced elsewhere.

PCs, laptops and servers

A variety of manufacturers to suit

PCs &

We partner with a variety of hardware manufacturers, and also supply virtually all of the top brands, at competitive prices.

Network infrastructure

Wired, wireless, local or wide-area

Network hardware, ethernet cabling and wireless

Networking hardware, and infrastructure (including CAT5 and CAT6 ethernet) solutions from a range of manufacturers, to suit budget and technical requirements.