Security Solutions

Security of your business data is paramount
With so many points of threat, how do you best protect your business?

Security Solutions you can rely on


An anti-malware solution that checks and classifies everything on your network, not just what it already knows to be malicious.

Do you want a solution that can protect you from 100% of malware?

Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a network appliance that acts like a firewall, but does so much more:

Unified Threat Management

User Identification

Most firewalls control data based on computer IP addresses, a UTM will identify the logged on user to provide better control.

Bandwidth Management

Not all data is equal, and being able to prioritise what's most important can save you time and money.

Malware Protection

The best protection from malware is multi-layered. Protection starts at the gateway.


If you don't already have a cloud anti-spam solution, then protection at the gateway from one of the biggest risks, email.

Intrusion Prevention

Knowing what network traffic means can prevent an attack on your network.


Websites can be dangerous, or just non-productive. Control who can go to what sites.

Even greater protection can be afforded with the use of sandboxing.

A sandbox is a term used to describe a way of containing sand used for children to play in.  The sand stays in the box, so the child can do what they want.

Sandboxing UTM features, ensure potentially malicious code is allowed to activate within the sandbox to see if it's safe, without risking damaging your live systems.



Full disk encryption (FDE) protects your whole computer. When it's switched on, you provide security credentials to unlock it, and then it behaves in the same way as if it wasn't encrypted.

If your computer is lost or stolen, and doesn't have full disk encryption, it will take a matter of minutes to access your data. But with FDE, nothing is accessible to anyone who doesn't have the security credentials.

File encryption can be data at rest (i.e. when it is stored), or data in transit (when it's being used).

Data at rest — includes backups, which are usually an unsecured dump of all your data on the the server.  Backups can be encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.  Other files can be encrypted using an encrypted store on your system.

Data in transit — can be encrypted within an organisation on-the-fly, or ad-hoc outside your organisation.  

E-mails are usually transmitted in plain text.  If your network, or the network of a recipient of an email you send, is compromised, then the email can be easily read.  If the email has sensitive information in, then it will be accessible too.

Encrypting emails, once setup, can be transparent to the user.

Cloud Anti-spam

Anyone who has a good anti-spam system will tell you how indispensable it is. Saving all the time downloading and sifting through junk everyday can be a nightmare, and a massive unnecessary load on your network.  

With a good Cloud Anti-Spam solution you not only manage your spam, but also prevent clogging your Internet connection downloading what you know is junk.

Control Panel

A cloud-based control panel allows central management, and individual choices. In addition, regular reports allow you to release items that have been blocked if required.

Cloud Filtering

Spam is filtered out in the Cloud, before it reaches your network. This means your bandwidth is not wasted downloading what you don't want.

User access

Users can log into the Cloud Control Panel using their network credentials if required.  No additional passwords to remember.