IP Telephony

We’ve worked with traditional phone providers for many years, as they have needed networking expertise. However, as times progress, many phone systems require IT expertise more than phone expertise. We provide a range of phone system solutions, ranging from on-site phone systems that integrate with your IT systems; through phone systems that utilise IP trunks instead of traditional analogue or ISDN lines, to save you money; right through to full cloud-based phone systems, that have physical phones onsite, or computer based headsets, or softphones.

We can not only pick the best solutions for your needs, but also provide integration with IT systems that many traditional phone solution providers can only hope to do. 

Computer Systems are becoming one
with your phone systems.  
So who better to supply and manage it all
than an IT Solutions Provider.

IP Phone Systems

As a Panasonic phone system reseller, we can not only supply and implement your phone system, but also integrate it with your back-end systems. Something other phone system suppliers can struggle with.

If you're investing in a new system, make it work for you, as a seamless tool.

Telecoms connectivity

Cloud Phone Systems

Only handsets onsite, everything else is Cloud

If you don't want an on-site phone system, why not consider a hosted PBX, where the phone system is in the cloud?  Each handset talks directly to the cloud phone system, and all the management is done there.

SIP Trunks

Multiple phone lines, at a fraction of the cost

Traditional phone systems connect to the outside world using ISDN lines, or analogue lines.  Modern phone systems can do this too, but can also use the Internet to create phone lines.  These are called SIP trunks, and because they use the Internet, they're cheaper and more flexible.

Telecoms trunks

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IP Telephony

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