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IT Hardware

There are a variety of reasons you may be look at new systems (PCs, Laptops, Servers, Network equipment, IT infrastructure). Maybe, it’s a new venture and you need systems to support the delivery of your new business. Maybe, your business is growing, and the systems you started with are straining under their current load. Maybe your business is well established and you’re in a position where it’s time to refresh your infrastructure so it can cope with the challenges still to come.

Whatever the reasons for needing new systems, we can help. We’ll make sure that you get the right systems for your needs, and that they will work with whatever you have already. 

As an IT Solutions Provider, we provide what's best for your business, not what's best for our suppliers.  So we partner and resell solutions from a variety of manufacturers to give you the widest choice possible.

PCs, Laptops and Servers
For Your Business

Nowadays, anyone can buy IT hardware. But one laptop is not the same as another, one PC is not the same as another - and when it comes to servers, they are very different from each other. So how do you know what to buy?

We specify your systems based on your requirements, and the current best solution for you. See below for just some of the brands of hardware we supply.

Ethernet Networking

Network LAN/WAN

Wireless and wired networking

Getting the best network solution for your business is vital.  Whether it's entry-level, or high-end wired solutions we can advise and supply.  If it's wireless you're looking for we can provide fast-switching wireless, long-distance point-to-point connections, or just a single reliable access point.

Buisness IT Solutions

Hardware and Infrstructure

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